Changes to oil swaps


The recent outbreak of Covid-19 has seen volatility come roaring back to Oil markets recently as the expected slowdown of global growth takes hold.

Sudden surges in oil prices are feared because of the way they could increase costs across the global economy and slow economic growth.

As a result, oil markets have experienced much wider spreads than usual.

Additionally, our liquidity providers have also increased their swap charges hugely in response to the extreme forward curve we are observing in the underlying market.

Due to recently changed swap rates at our liquidity providers, the swap rates for UKOUSD and USOUSD have increased.

Please note the new rates below for UKOUSD and USOUSD


Vantage FX will always endeavour to notify you as soon as is practically possible when these instances occur.

It is also important to understand that these conditions are caused by the extreme volatility and uncertainty in global markets.

We recommend that you monitor positions carefully and maintain a sufficient account surplus throughout this period.

Please consider the implications of these changes carefully and trade cautiously during this volatile period.

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